Nothing on Abhean

Personal Log - Lt. Sjo Piett

Pre-session and Session I

Personal Log:
-I’ve deserted the Imperial Fleet. This wasn’t my choice. I was removed from the Predator four days ago and put in a cell to await an ISB officer. That means two things: first, my sister, Einn, has betrayed me to High Command, and two, I cannot be seen wearing this uniform any longer. It must have been Fjorir who programmed the droid that helped me escape. Even still, I don’t think I would have gotten out without Thomas, the guy in the cell across from me. A real computer geek he is, but can’t wield a sword if his life depended on it. I know because we depended on it, and I almost died trying to defend the two of us. Shit, I’ve not only deserted, I’ve attacked an officer today. I’m screwed.

-Question: What the hell am I supposed to do on this junkyard of a planet?

Personal Log:
-Answer: Get a job.
-The bartender of the local Cantina here is pretty helpful. He set up a low stakes gambling event with both people looking for help and people like me who need a job. I’ve stuck with Thomas so far because he is so handy with a med kit. I haven’t really asked why he was imprisoned with me but I think I can assume he’s a suspected force-user as well.

-I took a job for Asier, a Nightsister from Dathomir. She has job to collect a twi’lek from the Hutt in control here. I don’t have a ton of experience with planet-side law enforcement, but I know Hutts are dangerous. Fortunately, she appears experienced with this type of thing. I thought three was a good number to have but then another girl, Jena came right up to us and said she was useful. I surmise she wants something from Asier but I’m not pressing the matter just yet.

-Jena also picked up a job for a local sing-racer. I found myself riding in a garbage truck toward the Abhean Shipyard Junkpile to a verpine hermit. I smell like Bantha fodder. I want to be back aboard the Predator so badly at this moment. Not to mention, Jena has an extreme dislike for the uniform I am still wearing.

-Genius. We got all the way here only to realize that the sling-racer never gave Jena the money for the engine modifications. *Note: Thomas Zahn, Asier, and Jena each owe me 300 credits. I only have about 40 credits left. I’ve been in tighter situations but this is slightly uncomfortable. I can’t leave them until I get my credits back.

-IMPORTANT: Asier is a force-user. I watched her throw a Kouhon in the junk-pile this afternoon. Jena did not seem phased at all. I may be with the wrong people, or I may have found exactly the right people. I tried to command the force to show me a vision of the insect we were tracking today but nothing came.

Question: What triggers my visions?



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