Ta'Jena Keeran

Member of the Jedi ExplorCorps


Taken at a young age by the Jedi order, Ta’Jena Keeran grew up in the temple on Coruscant. As a young apprentice, she struggled with her connection to the Force. Despite training and meditation, it trickled rather than flowed through her. Frustrated by her inability to harness the Force, she pushed herself in other aspects of training, studying ancient lore and lightsaber forms.

When put to the trials, she passed all but one. The power of the Force escaped her, and she failed to let it flow through her. The Jedi Masters judged that she was not fit to become a Jedi Knight.

Reeling from the rejection, she prepared to depart the temple. Her master, Bara’do, invited her to join the Jedi ExplorCorps and use her training for good exploring the Unknown Regions. Intrigued, she accepted.

Years later, she emerged from the Unknown Regions to report her findings, only to find the Jedi gone, the Republic transformed into an Empire, and force-sensitives hunted.

Ta'Jena Keeran

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