Orn Free Taa

Rutian Senator for Ryloth


A former tax collector, Taa has served as a Senator for years. Before the Clone Wars, he was the leader of the Rim Faction and nominated Palpatine for the position of Chancellor. He was later one of the biggest supporters of the Military Creation Act in spite of the Twi’lek’s collective disdain for violence.

He is generally loved by his people because of his four lekku, or brain tails, but he is widely known as one of the most corrupt Senators. Even so, he is outspoken about the safety and protection of Ryloth and is very concerned about the interests of his home planet.

Accompaning the Senator at all times are his Twi’lek aids. Before the Clone War, a Lethan female was his primary companion but she was replaced by Supi, emerald Twi’Lek, just before the outbreak of the War.


Orn Free Taa

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