Nothing on Abhean

Ta'Jena Keeran - Journal Entry 3

Hunting and hunters

That went better than expected. We did not die and were, in fact, victorious over the nest of kouhun that inhabited Craze Excellon’s junkyard. There was a moment that I feared I would be forced to reveal my saber, but fortunately, my companions are capable warriors, all save Thomas, who remained with the mechanic.

Our journey to the junkyard was uneventful. Asier shared more details about our primary mission. We are to recover a twi’lek slave from the local Hutt and return her to Senator Orn Fre Taa’s agent. The others seemed unconcerned with the fate of the slave, which I find distressing.

Sjo’s reaction was especially disconcerting: her lack of empathy towards the twi’lek girl frustrated me. How can any of them think of trading the life of a being for credits and passage off Abhean? I think, perhaps, Thomas would agree with me, had he not been sleeping.

Upon arriving at the junkyard, we sought the path to Craze Excellon. I attempted to sense the verpine’s location, but I could not grasp the Force. I fear the stress of the last few hours clouded my vision. I determined our path forward, and when Asier disagreed, I separated from the group, determined to prove my worth as a pathfinder.

I chose poorly. My pride led me into danger. I can hear Master Bara’do’s warnings even still: pride is the path to folly; trust it not or it will betray you. Thank the Force I only came across one kouhun. I calmed it and returned to the rest of the group.
Once we found Craze Excellon, it became clear that I did not think this task through. I asked for no money from the anzat to pay for the repairs, so we were faced with a choice. The verpine offered to sell us a different engine for only a thousand credits and the engine we brought in exchange. Thomas insists it is better.

Sjo paid for the engine out of her own purse and made it clear that she is owed recompense. I hope it is only her and not the deep pockets of the empire to which I have indebted myself. I will clear that debt as quickly as I can.

Instead of waiting idly for the next garbage scow, we decided to clear the kouhun infestation in exchange for modification work. Thomas made his intention to remain clear, and I attempted to persuade him to join us. I cannot have him discover my secret. He was not swayed.

I took the verpine and droid aside and showed them my training saber. They told me they cannot modify it. It is as I feared. If I want a true saber, I will have to construct it myself. Should I even keep this child’s toy? It endangers me more than it can protect me. Perhaps I should leave it in this trash heap with the rest of my Jedi heritage.

I guided Asier and Sjo to the kouhun and we fought them. Both Sjo and Asier were wounded, but the Force protected me. I am certain now that Asier is a Nightsister. She used the Force to throw some of the kouhun about, and I could taste the tremor of her anger in the Force.

I feared it would come to a close melee and was ready to draw my saber, but that proved unnecessary. For the best. If the Imperial saw my saber, she might sell my head to her superiors for a promotion. If she has fallen out of their favor, as her condition might suggest, she might use me to gain back their good graces.

It is for the best. The scar still hurts, and my motions are still not as fluid as they once were. It will take more time and healing before my capability with the saber has returned. I have not had a chance since arriving on Abhean to research what the creature was that did this to me. I may never find the answer.

Sjo was surrounded and injured. It might have been best for me and for Asier as well if the Imperial died, but I could not allow that, not while we are tentatively allied. With my blaster, I cleared away some of the kouhun harrying her, and she handled the rest with that sword of hers.

We defeated the kouhun and returned to the verpine’s camp. There was some tension over a sword borrowed by Asier that became damaged in the fight, but I forwent any modifications to bring peace. For a moment, I felt like a Jedi again, bringing balance and mediation to two feuding sides.

That feeling passed quickly when Thomas informed us he saw the verpine sending a long range communication. We agreed to leave quickly, to my relief. I fear it was foolish to trust the verpine. Showing him the saber may bring the empire’s hunters down upon my head, but if they come, perhaps my new allies will be helpful.

Only time will tell. Sitting on this garbage scow, heading back toward the city, I am uneasy. This task was fairly simple. Facing a hutt will not be.

The time is coming when I will not be able to hide who I am anymore, and that thought makes me tremble. I am quickly learning: I don’t really know who I am.



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