Nothing on Abhean

Ta'Jena Keeran - Journal Entry 1

State of Mind

My mind is not at peace. Since returning from the Unknown Regions, my heart is burdened and my thoughts are full of conflict. The Jedi are gone. Everything is gone.

I miss Master Bara’do and his kind, steady teachings. I could use his guidance now. Fear, anger, hate – they lead to the dark side, but they are all I feel. He would be disappointed in me.

I learned today what became of Galen and Phara. They passed their trials shortly after I left, and when the Clone War began, they fought. Galen fell in battle against the droid armies. From the accounts I could find, his death was quick.

Phara was not so fortunate. She survived to the end of the war. It was difficult to sift through the propaganda and lies of this new Empire, but I believe she was killed by her troops during one of the final battles of the war, when the Jedi allegedly betrayed the Republic. Whoever orchestrated this event, whether it be this new Emperor or some hidden force, wanted the Jedi painted as traitors. They succeeded. Phara was always brash and eager, but never a traitor. Only I know that now.

Maybe I should return to the Unknown Regions. There are worlds aplenty on which to hide. I could live in peace, in hiding, away from this awful universe.

No, I cannot run. Not until I know what happened to Saskia. Oh Force, I hope she made it through the massacres. I hope she escaped the hunters. She knew I was in the Unknown Regions. Perhaps she made it out there. I hope…

If not, my path is clear. I may be the last Jedi. I was never a very good one, so I cannot hope to make the masters proud. I suppose it wouldn’t matter anyway. If I can’t make them proud, then perhaps I can let them rest at peace. Perhaps I can bring justice to those who did this. And if not justice, death.

For now, I’m headed to the Electric Acklay. The bartender there, Junglefish, invited me. He mentioned a Zabrak who might be looking to travel to Dathomir. If I can acquire the records on the Chu’unthor, I may be able to learn more about constructing my own saber. The training saber I took from the temple can only take me so far.

If the Zabrak is a dead end, perhaps I’ll find some work. Whatever becomes of the evening, I will drink to Master Bara’do, to Galen and Phara, and to long life safe away from danger for Saskia.



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