Nothing on Abhean

Encrypted Log 2

Strong Drinks and Personalities

File Located…

~\Encryption\Decrypt …

Decryption Successful

Just when Sjo had finally fully recovered from her imprisonment and the wounds taken from our escape—-honestly, I’m not sure which hurt her more—-our fate seemed to turn from bad to worse. Junglefish was hosting an opportunity for entertainment and gambling. While I couldn’t help myself, I was able to break even before quitting his game. I knew my odds, but I had to at least see what would happen. I won a free drink, but I know that Junglefish never gives anything out for free. There had to have been some catch. Fortunately for me, I found a girl in the bar who looked a little out of her depth and sent her the drink instead. She didn’t take it, probably a smart move since she had two of them already.

Sjo doesn’t gamble, so once I was done, we resumed our plans for escaping the ISB’s notice. Central to that plan was the need to get credits—-lots of them. Interrupting our discussion, a female zabrak struted forward and entered our conversation without introducing herself. In the nets or the street, she’d have been filleted alive, but I was curious to see what made her so confident. Playing the role of a womanizing dick had always come naturally to me, and it seemed like it would fit this situation perfectly.

After a little back and forth she finally relinquished her name, Asier, but she also claimed to be a Night Sister! Who announces that with the Empire hunting force sensitives? I soon began to think that the whole conversation was a grandiose joke because she started asking for a poison to kill a hutt. I played along for four reasons: first, I could get her the poison she wanted; second, she was offering a decent stash of credits; third, I could always sell her info to the imperials or the hutts; and fourth, I was curious to see what would happen.

We were soon interrupted again by the girl I sent the drink to earlier in the night. She introduced herself as Jena, and I introduced myself as a Night Sister. Only I thought it was funny, which makes me think that Asier might have been telling the truth. A very valuable secret indeed. Asier promised her a chunk of change as well to assist. She accepted. Sjo stayed pretty quiet, but I could tell she was weighing her options. What a rag-tag group we turned out to be, but I wasn’t complaining as each of them were pleasing in their own ways.

Jena said she knew a place that we could talk about more details, but when we got outside, she looked dazed for a moment before pointing in a general direction. We headed that way, but she just seemed to be getting lost. Finally they asked if I could hack into the back door of a garage. It was manageable, but before I even hit the first firewall, the door swung open and we were invited in. Apparently, this was the place Jena was looking for. Stupid luck. After a little talking, she took an sling racer’s engine onto her back—-stronger than she looks—-and we began searching for a garbage skiff. After a few acrobatics, we were on our way to Craze E in the junk yard to get some mods. This night is getting more bizarre by the moment, but I couldn’t help but want to know what’s next. I fell asleep on a bag of old clothes headed for the dump.

I awoke to the feeling of the truck backing up and hopped out before getting dumped with the rest of the rubbish. Wandering around the yard we eventually found our way to the Craze E’s house, or maybe workshop. I’m still not certain. A very polite droid acted as translator between us and Craze Excelon who was a verpine. He agreed to do the mods on the engine for 2,000 credits, but Jena wasn’t given any credits and didn’t ask for them. To make things worse, she didn’t even know the engine owner’s name to have him billed. When we were about to leave, he offered us a trade for a different modded engine for only 1,000 credits. I think his impulse to mod the original was more the reason for the offer than his desire to help us, but I wasn’t going to argue. The pre-modded engine looked like it had some of the latest gear I’ve seen on the nets, so as long as it fits, we should be good. We didn’t have the cash, but Sjo did. Debt sucks, but I can’t wait to see how Jena is going to explain this.

With the deal made, we just had to burn some time until the next rubbish skiff showed up so we could hop a ride back, but Craze had a task for us. I’m thinking he wanted peace more than he needed help, but we were bored. He asked us to clean out some of the insects that were living in the junkyard in exchange for some weapon upgrades. I had no interest in being apart of a pest control sweep, but the others agreed. I stayed behind to watch the modifications which clearly troubled Jena. She tried to make me promise that I wouldn’t watch what she would have modded. I lied, and she seemed to know. She took Craze aside and after a brief chat stormed away. Not sure what’s going on, but I am more curious than ever.

While the group was out, Craze got to work. I’ve never seen somebody intuit and work with metal like doctors work with people. I was awe struck, and I focused as hard as I could to glean wisdom from this master. When he completed Asier’s pike, he offered me some refreshments and left the workbench to log something on his computer. I couldn’t help but notice he was writing a very lengthy message and that it’s send time was too long to be planetary. Something wasn’t right. Did his message have something to do with the engine, or with whatever Jena was so concerned, and pissed off, about? Either way, I doubt it meant anything good for us.

The group returned dragging three dead bugs with them. Asier wanted me to make a poison from their glands, but I told her that would take time and equipment that we didn’t have at the moment. Craze’s message was weighing heavily on my mind as I suggested we take the glands with us and make the poison in a lab elsewhere. Distracted as I was, my assistance wasn’t that helpful as Jena was only able to harvest one gland. I pressed them to leave and once outside shared what I knew of the message. We agreed to get away from there as soon as possible—-even delaying some medical treatment that Sjo and Asier obviously needed until the ride back.

If things keep heating up, I’ll likely need to add more security to future logs.




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