Nothing on Abhean

Encrypted Log 1

ISB Escape

File Located…

~\Encryption\Decrypt …

Decryption Successful

My trip to visit with Winston took an unexpected turn. Upon entering orbit around Abhean, I was detained and thrown into a holding cell. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I was questioned about my travels. Like an idiot, I mentioned Winston’s handle. I don’t think they’ll be able to track him down, but that was a slip I can’t afford to make in the future.

The bigger issue is that they asked me about the incident at the hospital and my involvement with it. I made up a story about flirting with a nurse, but I’m not convinced they bought it. I got the feeling that he was the “good” cop and the “bad” cop was still on the way. While I was contemplating my impending demise, a droid opened my and a female-detainee-from-across-the-way’s cells. No guards—-odd. She must have some powerful friends to pull that off.

I was able to slice the cell block computer and get a map of the complex. I’m not sure why a woman in an imperial uniform was in a cell, but I didn’t have time to ask questions; and thankfully for me, she didn’t ask any questions about my ability to slice through the Imperial’s security. The last thing I need is to have people know that somebody with these skills is on Abhean. Though, I am curious what rank she is. I’ll have to dig through the nets to see if I can find a match for her insignia. She was way too observant and on top of things to be anything other than an officer. What did she do to get herself locked up?

The escape was pretty clean. And it turned out that Sjo, the other detainee, was able to get us to the shuttle bay. At the last computer terminal, I couldn’t help but slice back in and see if I could find out what was going on. I was able to purge all references to our detainment from the station’s hard drives and to get the bounty IDs for two person’s of Imperial interest before I tripped an alarm—-or an alarm was tripped. I’m still not sure if they found me in the network, or if they found empty cells. Probably the later, but it didn’t matter.

We were able to get on an automated shuttle and make it planet side, but we had a welcoming committee. Sjo had a brilliant idea to self destruct the ship, but these things weren’t designed for that; however, that doesn’t mean the Imperials know that. I pieced together some code that would initiate a vocal countdown, hoping to buy some time to run. Worked like a charm. We were able to outrun all but one. Sjo took care of him, but caught a couple hits in return.

Now we’re hanging out at the Electric Acklay. I found a shop to sell me some medical supplies. It looked like there was something a little off at the shop. I’ll need to check back there later. Sjo will live and likely not even scar, but the fact that we just escaped an ISB facility is going to make things much more difficult.




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