Stolen Twi'lek

A pale white Twi’lek was in the Cantina the night Junglefish opened the gambling table to his invited guests. The winners, a Zabrak and a human girl, both caught his eye. He couldn’t help but notice the girl’s strong adverse reaction to him as she deliberately went to another table.

On the other hand, the Zabrak came walking confidently towards him. How delightful.

The white Twi’lek asked Asier to recover a lethan Twi’lek named Lu Shan Na from Chong the Hutt. He offered her 5000 credits to do it carefully. His master’s reputation, the reputation of Senator Orn Free Ta, is on the line.

He will meet Asier in the corkscrew of the Shaldor Sling-racing Course three nights from now. If Lu Shan Na is brought to him, he has said he will look into off world transportation for her as well.

Stolen Twi'lek

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