Nothing on Abhean

Ta'Jena Keeran - Journal Entry 2

Amidst the Trash

I’m not quite sure how I came to be here. There’s garbage all around me, and I am now traveling with three people. I think, perhaps, I drank too much at the Electric Acklay. Yes, that must be the explanation because the choices that led me to this moment are muddy.

I gambled on the racing and won, drawing attention from two individuals: a twi’lek and an anzat. The twi’lek was pale of skin, and I sensed darkness in him. They both acknowledged me and indicated I should join them, and while I decided what to do, a third drink arrived from another table, belonging to a man and a woman who seemed to be wearing an imperial uniform with the coat turned inside out.

I chose to speak with the anzat, discovering that he was a podracer pilot. He wanted me to transport his pod engine to a mechanic who could modify it. Though illegal, he offered five hundred credits for its completion. Such a task is distasteful, but I cannot afford to ignore such a sum of money.

I saw a zabrak speaking to the twi’lek; she may be the one I seek. Once she finished with the twi’lek, who departed, she approached the two humans at the table. I was able to overhear parts of their conversation. The zabrak was attempting to hire them, so I approached and offered my services.

When I approached, the man, Thomas, introduced himself as a Nightsister of Dathomir. An odd proclamation to make, especially in the presence of the zabrak woman, Asier. I suspect she may be a Nightsister. I will have to watch her carefully.

Sjo, the woman wearing the inverted Imperial uniform indicated that we would receive no aid from the Imperials on the mission Asier hired us for. I cannot yet judge her character. She seems haughty and determined, but there is something wounded in her.

I don’t know what possessed me to lead them to the garage where I was to meet the anzat. It led to some confusion on everyone’s part, but it was sorted when my new companions agreed to assist in the transport of the engine.

We stowed aboard this garbage scow to reach the junkyard where the verpine mechanic lives. I am unsure if the Force brought me together with these three others, but they are unusual companions to have. It has been some time since I have traveled with others. Though they are somewhat strange, I do not mind the company.



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